MADE FOR TWO - A Love Story in Two Parts - PART I

To hear the sparkle of your laughter
To feel the warmth of your touch
To smell the sweetness of your presence
To see the lightness of your love

You and I, side by side
You and I on this ride
You and I...
In a lifetime made for two

I searched the world to find you
Settled for nothing less than the divine you
I would wait a thousand lifetimes
For a chance at just one moment
A brief dalliance with your brilliance
A dance within your essence
A glance at your expression
And all would be understood

You and I, arm in arm
You and I, grace and charm
You and I...
On this adventure made for two

In the darkness I can sense you
Breathing in the shadows
Holding space for our potential
Giving love to our essentials
And setting all
Of our fears free

You and I, cheek and cheek
You and I, full of mystique
You and I... I’ve fallen deep
On a journey just us two

It was always you and I
Painting miracles in the sky
Touching greatness with our eyes
And tempting fate with our desire

You brought clarity to my madness

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Thank you sun for sneaking in and waking me so gently. Your warmth, your light, your consistency, and dependability reminds me of who I want to be.

Thank you bed, thank you pillow for holding me through the night, cradling my body and my head and giving me the gift of rest.

Thank you dreams for propelling me onward, for reminding me there is more to do, for giving my imagination free range to roam.

Thank you coffee for your warmth and that morning ritual that gives me the time and space to find my bearings and wake on my own terms.

Thank you hot shower and running water for rinsing yesterday off me and letting me start anew. Your forgiveness of the past and embracing of the present helps me to own my day.

Thank you razor for not cutting my skin but for cleansing my face of yesterdays remnants. With your sharp edge, you remind to be present, and gentle with myself.

Thank you mirror for giving me the joy of seeing my smiling face looking back at me. Because of you I know I am a work...

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little things

It’s not the big things that make the difference.
It’s not the big things that matter.
It’s the little ones…
The every day, so small I don’t even think about it decisions that I make that turn me left, that turn me right… That lead me down one pathway or another.

It’s the little things.

The little things that done consistently make bigger things and bigger things.

The should I eat that second slice decisions.
The should I leave that plate in the sink decisions
The should I take a walk at lunch decisions
The should I shave decisions
The should I make my bed decisions

Every day I make them.
A million times a day.
And in every moment, there are choices.
Imperceptible decisions.
The setting of my character.
The changing of my habits.

Little things.
The should I tell her I love her today decisions
The should I call my dad today decisions
The can I leave work early and pick him up early from school and go do something fun with him decisions.
The should I do it...

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I had always been afraid.
Afraid of what people thought of me
Afraid of being a failure
Afraid of being a success
I was petrified of looking stupid
Especially in front of women
And that fear held me hostage.
Held me back.
Held me captive.
One night on a date
We found ourselves in a karaoke bar
She was on edge
Hoping I would get up and sing for her
But the fear kept me seated
I wanted to.
But I couldn’t break free.
I never saw her after that night
It was all my fault
And I learned my lesson
I forced myself
To get on that stage
And sing.
It took weeks, but I did it.
Standing on that stage
The microphone in hand
The crowd drunk and easy to please
I let myself be free
I gave the fears away
I sang with all my heart
And surprised even myself
It got easier after that
And each time I stepped on stage
I cared a little less
About what people thought
About whether I would fail
About whether I would succeed
About whether I looked foolish
The answer to all was yes
But it didn’t really matter
I was free
Free to...

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