MADE FOR ONE - A Love Story in Two Parts - PART II

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2019

I spent my whole life searching
Wandering and wondering
Looking and longing
For that one that could complete me
The one that could release me
The one that could relieve me
From a lifetime of regret
From a lifetime of distress
From a lifetime of loneliness

And now that I have found them
I know it all was true
But I never expected to discover
The one was me not you

Yes it’s true,
I am my own pure soul mate
I’ve known me from the start
I am the one I’ve been waiting for
I knew it in my heart
The one I’ve always dreamed of
Was me all along
And now together we can sing
A lifelong true love song

I am the one
The one and only
The one I’ve found
So I’ll never be lonely
I’ll always be there
To watch my back
I’ll always be there
To keep myself on track
I’ll never betray me
Or take me for granted
I’ll never deceive me
Or just leave me stranded
I know I can trust me
I’ve proved that for sure
I know it must be me
I’ll keep this love pure

In this world made for two
We are all made for one
One who will be there
Until we are done

In this world made for two
We must still find ourselves
We must still love ourselves
To love someone else

So I have found that love
And I will stay true
And now that I love me
I am ready for you.

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