What is a North Star?

A driving purpose that pulls you forward.
A clear destination that guides you.
A  commitment to achieve your potential.
A  force that guides your decisions and actions.

Dylan has helped hundreds of people find themselves, find their purpose, find their direction and LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE NOW!

Now it's YOUR turn!!!!

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The 3 guiding principals of the NorthStar Man

Embrace Change: Change is good

Many people fear change.  They set their life up as comfortable as possible and create barriers to prevent anything from growing or shifting.  They want to grow, and progress in their lives and with their vision, but this fear of change unknowingly gets in their way.

I encourage my clients to step outside their comfort zone.  To push into their fear.  Fear is a phenomenal tool if you use it correctly to discover the next area of your life to push into… but getting over the fear of change, and the comfortable life is the first step.

Stretch to Success: Dream Bigger

Many people ask themselves “WHO AM I TO DO THAT?”  They limit themselves and limit their dreams.  By setting their sights low, and not stretching towards the bigger dreams and goals, they settle.  They convince themselves that they CANNOT achieve more.  That they ARE NOT capable of living a higher, better life.  They even convince themselves that they DO NOT want anything more than what they already have, but it is a lie. 

Deep in our personal identity lies the desire to be our best, to stretch past and beyond our limitations, to be more and do more.  We have been told ego is a bad thing, but without ego we cannot step out of our primordial ooze into anything worth accomplishing.  Ego is essential, but it must be paired with a high purpose, and a strong sense of commitment to give back to others and be of service.

Avoid Destination Mindset: Constantly Discover and Create new Goals

How do you embrace change?  How do you dream bigger?  One day at a time.  Success as a human-being is a matter of practice.  Use your fear to discover areas of your life that you need to improve.  Your health, your creative vision, your relationships, etc… Once you discover those spaces, make goals.  Short term goals work best at first.  30 day goals to get in the practice of stretching into a bigger vision.  Exercise for 30 days straight.  Commit to asking out at least one woman every day for 30 days.  Meditate for 30 days.  Visit a new restaurant every day for 30 days.  The possibilities are endless. And by regularly finding and creating these short term goals, you stay out of the greatest trap we all fall into… DESTINATION MENTALITY

Destination Mentality is that place we have all been in where you think everything will be better once you… get that new car, find that perfect woman, reach that ideal weight.  It is the lie pushed upon us by society that there is an ultimate destination for us to reach and achieve, and then everything will be perfect, will fall into place, and we will finally be happy.  The truth is to stay in the moment, stay connected to each day, challenge yourself to improve, step up in every area of your life that scares you, and you will discover that you are better today than you were yesterday, and you will be better tomorrow than you are today.  Their is no destination, just a never ending goal to be your BEST self and live your BEST life NOW!!!!

"Dylan Shows up as the Divine Masculine"
"Dylan shows up as the divine masculine. As a man who has done his homework. I feel a presence, strength and leadership that allows me to feel safe and surrender in my divine feminine energy.

As a coach who has coached many men, watching Dylan's ability to empower and elevate and bring men to the best version of themselves is beautiful. It takes knowledge, wisdom and a brave heart to do that work. I'm very grateful to partner with Dylan and help him support men to become the awakened masculine."

Alexsandra Marianetti - Divine Kika

"Dylan's Coaching Turns my Challenges into my Successes."
"Dylan is easy to talk to, a great coach and a great listener. He will work to fully understand your struggle before offering his guidance toward a solution. I can work with him on something that I find difficult to overcome and Dylan will break it down into something simple to help me see that it is achievable and well within my reach. What I see as a problem, he sees as a challenge. Dylan's coaching turns my challenges into my successes. I highly recommend working with Dylan Stewart."

Linda Fitzgerald

"Dylan is a Role Model"
"Dylan is wonderful at creating a sacred container to be vulnerable and cut down to the core of real issues. He facilitated a spark of self-awareness for me to go out into the world and communicate my values within my romantic relationship that is invaluable. Dylan is a role model for me as a young 24 year old. Thank you so much Dylan for your service."

Eric Rinehart

"Best coach ever"
"Dylan has changed my life, period. He is a constant catalyst for positive transformation in every aspect of my life."

Craig Bergman

"The Northstar man is extremely useful because it affords the opportunity to discuss in a safe place my struggles, & wins. Getting feedback from the group and Dylan is invaluable. Helping me to feel seen & heard. Getting insights that helps to improve my perspective. If you're looking for a community of caring ambitious people, I highly recommend Northstar man."

Ulbens Benoit

"I have become a better version of myself because of my participation in NorthStar Man. The topics Dylan explores are exactly what i need to hear. He makes the space secure for me to be vulnerable. I learn from the other people. Dylan has helped me accelerate my spiritual and emotional growth. I recommend Northstar Man."

Steven Kiralla


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