Thank you sun for sneaking in and waking me so gently. Your warmth, your light, your consistency, and dependability reminds me of who I want to be.

Thank you bed, thank you pillow for holding me through the night, cradling my body and my head and giving me the gift of rest.

Thank you dreams for propelling me onward, for reminding me there is more to do, for giving my imagination free range to roam.

Thank you coffee for your warmth and that morning ritual that gives me the time and space to find my bearings and wake on my own terms.

Thank you hot shower and running water for rinsing yesterday off me and letting me start anew. Your forgiveness of the past and embracing of the present helps me to own my day.

Thank you razor for not cutting my skin but for cleansing my face of yesterdays remnants. With your sharp edge, you remind to be present, and gentle with myself.

Thank you mirror for giving me the joy of seeing my smiling face looking back at me. Because of you I know I am a work...

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