Thank you sun for sneaking in and waking me so gently. Your warmth, your light, your consistency, and dependability reminds me of who I want to be.

Thank you bed, thank you pillow for holding me through the night, cradling my body and my head and giving me the gift of rest.

Thank you dreams for propelling me onward, for reminding me there is more to do, for giving my imagination free range to roam.

Thank you coffee for your warmth and that morning ritual that gives me the time and space to find my bearings and wake on my own terms.

Thank you hot shower and running water for rinsing yesterday off me and letting me start anew. Your forgiveness of the past and embracing of the present helps me to own my day.

Thank you razor for not cutting my skin but for cleansing my face of yesterdays remnants. With your sharp edge, you remind to be present, and gentle with myself.

Thank you mirror for giving me the joy of seeing my smiling face looking back at me. Because of you I know I am a work of art, and I can look past my flaws and own my imperfections.

Thank you shoes and clothes for giving me warmth and protecting my feet and body from the world outside. You embrace me with your soft touch and help me to define how I show up on the outside.

Thank you doorknob and house key for keeping my home safe and secure and giving me my own space to explore. Your simplicity reminds me that I have a home.

Thank you car for starting and giving me mobility and capability to go where I want to go, for giving me the freedom to find my own way.

Thank you job for fulfilling me and giving me a way to be of service and give back to those around me. Your simple regularity allows me to always have a place to be and a purpose to fulfill.

Thank you clock for keeping me focused and aware of my own mortality. Your ticking reminds me I have places to be and things to do and this life is a gift, but don’t waste the time.

Thank you telephone for keeping my friends and family, and all my loved ones just a few button clicks away. Your complex elegance brings the world around me closer.

Thank you crisp breeze for running your fingers gently across my skin and reminding me that I am alive and I can feel. Thank you for letting me inhale your sweet essence and always providing me the heavenly gift of a clean breath.

Thank you eyes for showing me the light and the darkness and giving me beauty to ground me.

Thank you ears for allowing me to hear the sounds of the birds, the sounds of the road, the sounds of my breathing and my heart in my chest.

Thank you, heart, for beating and helping my blood to flow, for reminding me of the beauty and grace of the divine, for giving me a way to close my eyes and connect to the infinite.

Thank you voice for giving me the ability to share my thoughts, to speak my words, to convey my feelings, to be heard.

And thank you gratitude. For reminding me that it is easy. For allowing me to see the gifts of every moment. For every opportunity to see and feel and know that I am here and life is good.

Gratitude, you release me.

You surround me.

You connect me to the infinite. To the eternal. To the sanctity of life and love.

Thank you for reading these words, for touching the gratitude in yourself. For being here on this planet to bring joy and gratitude to those around you.

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for this night.

Thank you for the ability to thank you.

Thank you for the love that is in every second of every moment. That is in every molecule of every object. That causes the sun to rise and the birds to sing. That causes the heart to beat in my chest and the blood to flow through my veins.

Thank you for everything.

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