little things

It’s not the big things that make the difference.
It’s not the big things that matter.
It’s the little ones…
The every day, so small I don’t even think about it decisions that I make that turn me left, that turn me right… That lead me down one pathway or another.

It’s the little things.

The little things that done consistently make bigger things and bigger things.

The should I eat that second slice decisions.
The should I leave that plate in the sink decisions
The should I take a walk at lunch decisions
The should I shave decisions
The should I make my bed decisions

Every day I make them.
A million times a day.
And in every moment, there are choices.
Imperceptible decisions.
The setting of my character.
The changing of my habits.

Little things.
The should I tell her I love her today decisions
The should I call my dad today decisions
The can I leave work early and pick him up early from school and go do something fun with him decisions.
The should I do it now or later decisions
The should I stop and help decisions

Little things.
But not really so little.
Not so insignificant at all.
A million times a day.
Creating my reality.
Designing my destiny.
Whether I think about it or not.

Little things.
The did I do the right thing today decisions
The did I take more than I gave today decisions
The did I show how I felt decisions
The did I mean what I said decisions
The did I live my life free decisions
The did I stand up for something decisions.

Little things
But along the way
They nudge me and guide me
This way and that.
Until I become
Who I become

But what if today
What if right now
I did something little
That made something big
That changed everything

little things...

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